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We are two young siblingsAlberto and Elisa, born and grown up in Salento. We love the sea, the countryside and good cooking, and we have been trying for ten years to share these passions with all our guests.

We try to keep and to protect what our forefathers left to us, in order to give it to the next generations. Therefore, we run the farm in an organic way, by following the principles of environmental sustainability. We consider tourism as a cultural exchange and our activity as something continuously developing in the tradition.

“Friseddhre” : instructions

“Friseddhre” is the dialect form to name a kind of twice-baked bread, currently, also known as frise or friselle in Italian language. Many people think that the former version is…
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torre dell'orso

Torre dell’Orso

  Antares Agriturismo is located near Torre dell’Orso, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Torre dell’Orso is famous for its bay, for the pine forest running along the beach…
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san foca, Puglia

San Foca, Puglia

San Foca is the nearest beach to our Agriturismo and, luckily for us, one of the most attractive in Salento. Wine bars and restaurants liven up the tiny central square…
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