torre dell'orso

Torre dell’Orso


Antares Agriturismo is located near Torre dell’Orso, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Torre dell’Orso is famous for its bay, for the pine forest running along the beach and for many other attractions.

The tower –the one you can see in the image-  is the “Bear’s tower” after which the place is named. Probably its name is due to the fact that, until a few years ago, the rock had the shape of a bear laying down at the base of the tower.

Torre dell’Orso’s beach

Completely made of clear and fine sand and almost 1 km long, in Torre dell’Orso beach you will have the possibility to choose between equipped lidos and public beach. In the Southern part of the beach, you can see a famous rock also known as “Le due sorelle” –literally the two sisters- . The name derives from a fascinating but sad story, people hand down from one generation to another.

The two sister’s legend, by Antonio Nahi

Once upon a time two beautiful sisters lived in the countryside : a day they decided to leave for the seaside in search for some freshness and to cool down in the heat of summer. They got to Torre dell’Orso coast, there a pleasing wind was blowing and it smelt like sea and wild pine : it was so intense and charming that the younger sister felt in love with that place and the innumerable shades of the sea. Her love was so strong, that she threw herself into the deep water. She struggled with the waves and cried, for this reason her sister dove in the sea and tried to save the girl.

But the deep water soon was cradling two defenceless and dead bodies. Their yells were listened by a fisherman who went there to observe the water : he did not see anything but two identical stacks next to each other that seemed embracing. On his way back, the fisherman was disconcerted and agitated because it was the first time he saw those rocks, for this reason he decided to call that place “le due sorelle

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